Points Against Hummingbird Fish Finders

Have you used a Hummingbird fish finder before? If you haven’t, before buying one you should know about a thing or two about the downsides of these products. Although Hummingbird Fish Finders are extremely reliable electronic devices to have on your boat and use for every itinerary, you need to be prepared for the following inconveniences.

1. Hummingbird fish finders are all built on the Imperial metric system. This means all lengths are measured in miles, feet and inches, and the speed of your boat will be displayed in miles-per-hour. These are products made in the U.S. for the U.S. consumers and if you’re not used to this metric system, it would be best to choose a different fish finder. Or, you could learn the corelation between miles, feet and inches and centimeters, meters and kilometers and make an estimation when you’re on water.

2. Although fish finders like the Hummingbird fish finder 1198c SI Combo aren’t extremely problematic when it comes to their use, it’s best to always bring the manual with you when you’re on water. It will take a while until you understand to interpret the sonar returns, until you’re going to be able to determine if the bumps on the bottom you’re looking at are actually fish. Therefore, having the manual with you on every fishing trip is a good idea.

3. You must be aware that not every Hummingbird fish finder has chartplotting and superior navigational features. In fact, if you want a cheaper model, oriented exclusively on finding fish and nothing more, you should choose a depth finder like the Hummingbird fish finder 596 HD, for example. Although it doesn’t have any navigational features, however it’s quite a reliable tool for finding fish.

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